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In ancient history, the Rock of Monaco was a shelter for primitive populations. history of Monaco itself really started in the 13th Century. On 10th June 1215, the Genoan family of the Gibelins laid the first stone of the castle, which is still today the Prince’s Palace.

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Ischia Italy

4 Islands of Eternal Spring for Your Perfect Holiday

Leave behind the feeling of cold and changeable weather outside and make your plans to welcome the spring with a trip to the islands near Europe. Tenerife, Azores, Madeira and other islands of eternal spring are destinations where mild climate invite you to relax. Here’s what attractions await you in the seas off!

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Innsbruck, Austria | Featured Image Credits: Mariano Mantel Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)


The train that is going on the route Venice – Munich offers plenty of unforgettable views. Valleys and small villages in Italy, eternally snow-covered peaks of the Alps and beautiful Bavaria will pass by before your eyes, amongst other famous places such as Verona, Trento and Innsbruck. Journey time is 7 hours and the distance you are going through is 450 km. This journey has charm both in early spring and also in summer or late autumn.


The starting point of the private train Pignes is the Provence region of France, famous for its lavender fields and picturesque vineyards. From this train you will see beautiful villages such as St. Andre les Alpes and lots of rivers and bridges. The route is 145 km and the journey takes 3 hours, and the most suitable period for such a travel is summer, when the lavender blooms.


The train passing through the west valley of the Rhine offers an amazing view of the Germans slopes covered with grape vines and a fairly clear picture of the castles that dominate over them. In addition, you can see the famous Lorelei Rock in St. Goarshausen, which rises 120 meters above the Rhine. Bonn, Koblenz, Mainz and Bingen are towns that you pass through, along those 185 km. Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons for this journey.


Balkan Mountains offer one of the most spectacular views in Europe. Flexipass Balkan train is leaving from the capital of Serbia and arrives on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. The 550 km journey takes 10 hours, during which you can admire the most beautiful scenery, especially if you decide to climb on board during the summer season.


The train that takes you from the Spanish capital to the capital of the Principality of Asturias is one of the most loved by tourists worldwide. South-European-style villages of Spain and the view to the Picos Mountains of Europe will delight your eyes and soul of eternal traveler. The 450 km are worthwhile especially during spring and autumn, even if the journey time takes only 5 hours.

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