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Jamaica Vacation Travel Tips

Tips For Choosing a Jamaica Vacation Destination

Are you looking to take a trip to Jamaica? If you are, will this be your first time visiting the island? If so, you may be wondering which Jamaica vacation destination is the best for you. To help you make the right choice, there are a number of vital factors which you will want to take into consideration.

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Ischia Italy

4 Islands of Eternal Spring for Your Perfect Holiday

Leave behind the feeling of cold and changeable weather outside and make your plans to welcome the spring with a trip to the islands near Europe. Tenerife, Azores, Madeira and other islands of eternal spring are destinations where mild climate invite you to relax. Here’s what attractions await you in the seas off!

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Val d’Isère French Alps

Europe Skiing Destinations: Val d’Isère, French Alps

Skiing in Val d’Isère, France has become an extremely popular sporting event. The Val d’Isère is located at 1.821 meters above sea level and is among the most popular skiing destinations of the French Alps. Val d’Isère together with Tignes form part of the large Espace Killy, the world’s most spectacular skiing region.

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Romantic Destination Paris France

Is there more to France that Paris?

France, like all European countries, has some great places to see and some even better places to stay, whether it’s a leisurely canal cruise through the wine growing regions in the north of the country, or a sun-kissed, luxurious adventure on the Cote d’Azure in the south.

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Buckfast Butterflies English Riviera

4 Reasons To Visit The English Riviera

The English Riviera is a perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Not only do you benefit from the beauty of South Devon, but there are also a wide variety of places to visit and things to do.

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France Beyond Paris

And then, of course, there’s Paris. Ah, but if you are after night-life, what then? What does France have to offer for the party goer? I could, naturally, bring you back to my previous statement: And then, of course, there’s Paris. But you know that already. Of course Paris is going to be fun. Like London, Berlin, Warsaw or Amsterdam, we know European Capitals will have everything a traveler needs, but that’s missing the point. France is not Paris and, some would argue, Paris is not France. So where else in this beautiful country can you have a good night out?

First, I want you to imagine Bordeaux – not the wine, nice as it is, but the city. Bordeaux is not a backwater idyll nestling between rolling hills and vineyards, far from it. The city has a vibrant cafe culture and a night-life that stands up to any other bustling city. And, let’s face it, any town that offers Vinothérapie, or wine spas, has to be top of the bucket list!

Next, Lyon. Founded by the Romans, this city is still filled with their legacy. Add to that the fact that the Romans knew how to party, and you also have some of the best night-life in the region. The city also has a reputation as a centre for all things gastronomic, so you can eat some of the best food around in between all those trips to the clubs.

Lastly, I want to concentrate on the region of Provence, not just because you will find some of the best food in the world here, but also because it is filled with wonderful cities, cities that like to party as fast and hard as any other in Europe. Take Nice for starters. Nestled on the coast, and not that far from Monte Carlo, Nice is a vibrant city and France’s largest tourist destination.

Nestled on the Mediterranean, this city has an annual carnival, more shops than you can shake a credit card at, pretty little streets filled with cafes and bistros and, of course, as much night life as you care to enjoy.


There is one city in Provence that has been called the ‘meeting place of the world’, it is, of course, Marseilles. And any city with a reputation like that is going to take care of all your holiday needs. From mountain climbing to cruising (on a boat, naturally) this city has something for everyone. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Marseilles is worthy of a holiday all on its own.

So, a very quick run through of some French cities you may not have considered as party towns. Get over there, the parties don’t stop just because the season changes. France is an all year round destination with more than enough going on to keep you happy and excited. Why not check out some of the great offers available at the moment for getting to France., for example, is offering some good savings on airfares at the moment.

Romantic Destination Paris France