Top 5 beaches in San Francisco California USA

San Francisco could probably be one of the  best places to spend your day on a beautiful beach. San Francisco is popular for its fog which comes through the ocean so that even during the days which are warmer, one can feel the chill in the ocean air.

You should know that the best beaches in San Francisco are on the pacific coast and those beaches that are warmer are located on the bay. The top beautiful beaches in San Francisco are:

Ocean Beach

Ocean beach is the probably the best and most beautiful beach in San Francisco. It makes you to feel that you are part of the nature offering the soul a break from the hustle of the city. Among the beautiful beaches of San Francisco, Ocean beach is the biggest one of them all.  It takes up nearly all of the entire west side of San Francisco and provides one with a panoramic view of Pacific Ocean and the iconic Golden Bridge.

Ocean beach  boasts approximately 3.5 miles of the peaceful sand and surf where both the locals and visitors go to meditate, reflect and allow get the peace of mind that is near impossible to get in the city due to the many daily major city routines. 

It’s just you and the waves and the seabirds at Ocean Beach, on the westernmost border of San Francisco, adjacent to Golden Gate Park. Great for strolling and flying kites, but the water is frigid and the currents hazardous for all but the most experienced surfers.

During days which are warmer, most surfers come to this great ocean beach to practice their skills and also writers spend their time here to write their journals.

Tips and Highlights

  • The sunniest months for a beach walk are September and October.
  • The beach is almost always covered in fog throughout late spring and summer, with average temperatures in the 50s.
  • Please do not trample fragile plants on the dunes.
  • New fire rings were installed March 2017 as a way to allow and enjoy fires on the beach. If you love beach fires, please learn more by visiting our beach fire regulations page.
  • Volunteer regularly with hundreds of like-minded individuals and help keep Ocean Beach clean and safe!
Pack In and Pack Out Your Trash Please help keep Ocean Beach clean by following “leave no trace” principles. Nature Snowy Plover Look for the small, shy Western Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosus)-a threatened species that rests here in the winter. In California, there has been a significant decline in breeding locations as a result of various forms of human disturbance. The species is being strictly monitored and protected by the National Park Service.
Ocean Beach San Francisco
Ocean Beach

Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park is a beach which is located in the heart of the city/Historic District and it is an urban beach. Most travelers enjoy this beautiful beach since it is very close to tourist spots of the likes of Ghirardelli square and Fisherman’s wharf. Locals also enjoy this urban beach since it is very easy to reach when they are coming home from their offices in the city. There is also a wading area in this beach where adults and children can enjoy the soft waves which are hitting the shore.

This beach is a bay beach. The water here is very soft and also the sand is easy for you to walk along. Apart from that there is a paved walkway along this beach which makes it to be accessible to visitors who are in bicycles or wheelchairs out to see water.

aquatic park historic district beach
Ocean Beach - San Francisco

Stinson Beach

This beach makes a fantastic day trip for San Francisco visitors and also the locals. It provides an easy access to the state park hiking and also facilities for swimming and picnicking. One gets to Stinson Beach after a successful winding drive which leads through the spectacular Muir Woods.
Stinson’s white sand and oceanfront make it one of the best swimming beaches in northern California. With opportunities for hiking, picnicking, exploring the town, surfing, or sunbathing, people continue to visit Stinson Beach to escape from the frantic pace of everyday life, just they have been doing for over a century.

Things to Do

  • Surf, boogie board, wind surf, hang glide, kayak—Stinson Beach is a popular spot for all these activities. Don’t have your own equipment? Many nearby surf shops have rentals and even lessons.
  • Start up a game of beach volleyball. Visitors can borrow volleyball nets and balls from the main lifeguard tower in exchange for a driver’s license.
  • Avail yourself of Stinson Beach’s picnic tables and BBQ grills. Picnic facilities are available on first-come, first-serve basis.
  • If you’re over 21, feel free to enjoy a drink with your picnic, but pack accordingly, no kegs or glass containers of any type are allowed on the beach
  • Explore the adjacent town of Stinson Beach, which offers several restaurants, a small grocery store, and a handful of shops.
  • Bring your tack and lures for a day of fishing. Please follow the California Fish and Game Guidelines.

Stinson Beach is open year round every day. The entrance gates open at 9:00 a.m. Closing times vary depending on season.

Stinson Beach

Baker Beach

Baker beach is located on the western side of Golden Gate Bridge and offers the best ocean view of the famous San Francisco landmarks. It is also the most crowded beach of all the San Francisco beaches. When you are looking for some fun then this beach is the best one to go.

Are you interested in playing a volleyball game along the shore? Seeking to participate in the ocean side kite flying? Baker beach is then the best place for doing all this. Other activities which are frequently enjoyed in this beach are swimming, sandcastle building and surfing.
Mile-long Baker Beach lies at the foot of rugged serpentine cliffs west of the Golden Gate.

Large waves, undertow and rip currents make the beach unsafe for swimming, but it provides panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands and Lands End. You can fish or check out the shore life along the beach and rocky shoreline. Restrooms and picnic tables are nearby.

Tips & Highlights

  • On sunny weekends, be prepared for crowds and parking congestion.
  • A picnic area with tables, grills, and restroom facilities is tucked in the cypress grove at the east end of the parking lot.
  • Baker Beach can be warm enough for sunbathing and picnicking.
  • Look for the display of historical military photographs inside the Battery Chamberlin magazine.
  • Hikers can pick up the Coastal Trail on the cliff side.
  • The northernmost end of Baker Beach is frequented by clothing-optional sunbathers.
San Francisco California Baker Beach
Baker Beach

East Beach

This beach is one of the beaches which are safest for families. It has waters which are shallow in order for the kids to play in. There are picnic areas in this beach and grills are also available so that people who want to enjoy some of the barbecued foods can get it. Be sure to visit some of these beautiful beaches while you are in a holiday in San Francisco. These beaches is a must see in order for you to get a memorable experience that you will live to remember.
East Beach
Crissy Field East Beach