Top 4 Great Places to Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

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It is one of the most spectacular places in the world. Located in central Anatolia Plateau, in Turkey, Cappadocia offers an incredible view: strange geological formations similar to those on the moon, underground labyrinths, fortresses, towns built underground. To avoid in summer when temperatures are hot, the most suitable months of the year for such a ride being April-May and September-October.

Cappadocia, Anatolia Plateau in Turkey


Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is another place that seems detached from tales. A walk through safari, over giraffes, rhinos or elephants is amazing and, moreover, one of the major tourist attractions in the area. You can take such rides also in other places in Africa, but Tanzania has a special charm. Take a ride at sunrise to see how nature awakens to life and you will not regret it.

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari
Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park | Image Credits: Ronald Woan via Flickr


The famous tourist destination of France is breathtaking no matter what means of transport you use. But a balloon ride is a unique experience, since more than 800 castles and mansions spread across an area of almost 300 kilometers. You’ll feel like in a fairytale with princesses. The best time to visit this area is from April to October, when everything is green and the temperatures are very pleasant.
Loire Valley France
Loire Valley, France | Image Credits: Pedro Szekely via Flickr


Yarra Valley is located in Australia, at about an hour driving distance from Melbourne. It is an important region for the wine industry, so the view is gorgeous. With any luck, you’ll see kangaroos jumping cheerful up and down, and in the distance you can see the mountains. The best time of year for such an experience is autumn, when the vineyards are reddish.
Yarra Vally Hot Air Balloon Great Place
Yarra Valley, Australia | Image Credits: Roderick Eime via Flickr