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In ancient history, the Rock of Monaco was a shelter for primitive populations. history of Monaco itself really started in the 13th Century. On 10th June 1215, the Genoan family of the Gibelins laid the first stone of the castle, which is still today the Prince’s Palace.

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Great Places to take a hot air balloon ride

Top 4 Great Places to Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

One thing you should try it at least once in life is to fly over a tourist destination in a hot air balloon. No matter how much you like exotic destinations or you prefer mountain scenery, there are plenty of wonderful places that will take your breath away. Here are the 4 most beautiful in the world

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things to do in amsterdam city tour

Travel Planning and things to do in Amsterdam Vacation

Hundreds of thousands tourists from all around the world visit Amsterdam every year and many people keep coming back because it seems you can not get enough of the Dutch capital. This article offers visitors a good overview of some of the most popular tourist attractions of Amsterdam.

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Things to do in Denver Colorado

Best Things to do in Denver Colorado

Usually people want to see the icing on top of the cake and choose the flashiest or most crowded cities in America so they can say they visited all there is to see during their stay. But this couldn’t be more wrong. Big cities are usually cosmopolitan area which means they will pretty much have the same features all over the world, plus they combine different cultures.

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The Val d’Isère ski holiday provides unforgettable boarding and skiing opportunities for various levels and at high altitudes. This famous world class resort has been a major attraction for visitors who come for both top class skiing and lively nightlife. Skiing in Val d’Isère is always extensive and suitable for all levels skiers as well as boarders alike.
Val d’Isère French Alps
Val d’Isère -- Ski Resort in the French Alps
The Espace Killy offers quite a good variety of moderate green runs when starting off and much more challenging descents particularly for the well experienced. There are two magnificent local mountains, the Val d’Isères (Bellevarde and Solaise), which provide all-levels skiers with an expansive range of slopes. This further boosts the possibility of accommodating starters and professional skiers. There are several Fast-four thou sanders surrounding the skiing region. The off-piste and free ride options are roughly legendary already. The Grande Motte (3656m) is undoubtedly the most distinct peak, with its slopes being the highest within the entire skiing region. This explains why the region is endowed with the hosting of the annual skiing races- traditionally around December. The Bellevarde slopes are quite popular and provide thrilling skiing adventures
Espace Killy Val d’Isère
Espace Killy, Val d’Isère | Photo by: Jeffrey Pang from Berkeley, CA, USA via Wikimedia Commons

If you prefer skiing on less challenging slopes, you’ll get adequate selection in Val d’Isère. Occasionally you will encounter red, blue or green trails positioned adjacent to each other and on the same slope. Furthermore you can easily access different skiing areas. With underground cable car, ski vacationers can travel from La Daille to the Rocher de Bellevarde. A cableway will then take you to the summit from José ray. Another cableway with a chair lift and weather protection against snow and cold takes you to Tete du Solaise. Still another cable car carries skiers from Le Formet to Col de I’Iseran. The experience is stunning and you’ll not have to wait for the lifts.


Skiing Val d’Isère is worthwhile by all means due to the convincing slopes and benefits associated with this highly modern skiing zone. During your ski vacation here, you will enjoy unique ambience of past traces that Val d’Isère maintains. Numerous traditional Savoyian houses, the chapel of Saint Roche and a small church cemetery in the town’s old centre provide a real traditional charm that any skier would want to get. Rustic buildings with stones, wood and slated roofs provide the overall picture, style and architecture of Val d’Isère. Small boutiques, creperies, cafés, Brasseries, Patisseries, sports shops as well as shopping arcades offer leisure activities that generally make Val d’Isère a perfect destination for fantastic skiing holidays.

At Val d’Isère you will be able to ski up to 11,650ft (3550m), enjoy the experience of three glaciers and approximately 10,000 hectares of skiable terrain as well as 300 kilometers of marked piste. The great heights and vast size attracts holidaymakers and extreme/professional skiers from all corners of the world. You could ski at Val d’Isère for a month and still find new adventures in every new day